Why Insolver is a new era in insurance?

Insolver – the product that was created by analysts for analysts.

Wide range of models

We use opensource frameworks (h2o, xgboost, lightgbm, catboost, pytorch, tensorflow) for our solutions. We create flexible modules for different problems. We develop both difficult models for the best predictions and light models with the minimum number of predictors for the quickest count.

Understandable analytics for AI

Analysts and managers often associate AI with the black box. We refute this statement. Our product allows looking into the depths of AI insurance models.

One click production service

No more need to spend hundreds of hours developing web services. Our solutions – working services with implemented models – could be deployed in a few simple steps on the company's infrastructure or in the cloud.

More than 10 years of experience in insurance

Years of work. Dozens implemented models.

Now we are ready to present our new product that incorporates experience and knowledge on solving business problems by analytical methods.

For more than 10 years we have been developing models for insurance companies. Our achievements are improved loss ratios for hundreds of segments, increased sales in several companies, automated dozens of business processes.

You can find Insolver python library on github: https://github.com/MindSetLib/insolver

We can solve the tasks of pricing, customers’ scoring, and LTV estimation, managing outflows, anti-fraud, and increasing cross-sales. Innovative tasks like fast loss adjustment, car damage recognition by photo, and optimization of the call-center have become typical with us.

And all these types of models became accessible with our product — Insolver.
We take some concepts as a basis in a product:

Key conceps of insolver product.
General architecture.

What we are solving: decrease time-to-market for insurance models from days and months to minutes, transparency of each calculation for each quote, claim, and policy, sharing ideas inside the company.

Web user interface allow to work with notebooks as pipelines.

Our secure environment allows us to work in the powerful cloud http://mset.space and do research and deploy models in minutes. Any analyst will become a data engineer, actuary, data scientist, and ml engineer in one click with our product.

Deploy model as REST API in one click.

Tens of different research reports and dashboards support the analytical decision process. With our solution, we provide unique educational content for analysts each week.

And all of these things will become accessible for analysts with Insolver.

You can find Insolver python library on github:


Our Team

Insurance professionals have developed the product for insurance professionals
Dmitry Bochkarev

Dmitry Bochkarev

Insurance expert with 10+ experience

Responsible for BI, analytics, optimization problems, economics and education program. Strong experience in GLM models built on open source technologies.

Frank Shikhaliev

Frank Shikhaliev

Team Lead

Responsible for team development,
NLP and CV models in insurance, project management, financing and legal aspects of the product.

Alexander Schegolev

Alexander Schegolev

Insurance scientist

Responsible for graphical models, classical ML, various types of boosting. Strong experience in math, data science and actuarial calculations.

Andrey Anokhin

Andrey Anokhin

Insurance developer

Responsible for product software and technological development. Makes our system work 24/7 in any condition.

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Technolgies we use

We permanently add recent state of the models to our platform and make it available for the insurance industry

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